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Set in 1967, this interesting play is still relevant to the modern audience. The characters are Victor Franz, who decided to take care of his further instead of following his dreams, Esther Franz (Victor’s alcoholic wife), Walter Franz (Victor’s long-lost brother who is now successful) and Gregory Solomon (an antique dealer). After the death of his father, they all congregate at his home to sell what remains of his belongings. Every one of them has a different reason for visiting. Victor gets emotional because the items remind him of his youth; Esther is excited by the possibility of making money, while the businessman is looking for a way to get back into the industry. The two brothers have different recollections of the past; they think that each of them had a choice in how their future turned out. This forces Victor, who is a now approaching retirement, to question if his sacrifice was worth it. Walter is disappointed because Victor does not want them to reconcile or to accept any assistance from him. They all struggle to come to terms with their past so that they can have a better future. This is a timeless theme as many people look for ways to make peace with their past and as they grow older learn that possessions don’t necessarily make people happy. In addition, the show has a talented cast. Victor Franz is played by Mark Ruffalo, who has been nominated for The Oscar three times. Others are Golden Globe and Emmy winners Danny DeVito and Tony Shalhoub as well as Tony Nominee Jessica Hecht. The talented creative team includes set designer Derek McLane and costume designer Sarah J. Holden. The lighting design was done by David Weiner and the sound design by Rob Milburn and Michael Bodeen. It was all brought together by talented playwright Arthur Miller, a winner of the Pulitzer and several Tonys.

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